Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lots of changes

We went to our new stake conference adult Saturday session tonight. We go to the church down on First Street. It was obvious they weren't expecting so many people. They had to open the overflow and then go into the cultural hall. They said they hadn't had to open the overflow in years. It was a good meeting. With new ward boundaries and being put in a new stake, it's really strange. We hardly know anyone anymore.

Mike and Caleb went out and cut wood today. There are some trees down near Dad's school and the people said we could have the wood if we cut them up and hauled them. They brought home a load in Caleb's van. We cleared the area between the playhouse and the shed and put pallets down. We stacked the wood on the pallets. Caleb also found a wood crate that we put in and are using for kindling. It looks really nice. Well, it looks very neat anyway. We'll be able to keep it covered with a large tarp so it stays fairly dry. We bought a log holder that we will keep on the deck in the winter so we can keep wood stacked near the door. The deck is going to be covered so that wood will be dry also.

We have been reexamining all the ways we used to cut corners to save money. Without my income we are going to have to live frugally. I have a very strong testimony of getting out of debt and staying out of debt. I am thankful we did that. Also of living on less than you make. If we had increased our lifestyle to include what I made, we would be in big trouble now. I don't feel worried about the money. We have paid our tithing and stayed out of debt and I know the Lord will bless us. We both feel that I am supposed to be home and that things will be alright.

Life certainly is an adventure.


Melinda said...

Sounds like it was a really busy day, or couple of days. It really must be crazy to not know so many people in your ward and stake. Does Uncle Mike still work with the deaf group in your 'new' ward?

Willford Clan said...

Hey Aunt Annette! I was chatting with Rachel and she told me about all the blog pages. Mark and I set one up, , we'll be posting updates and pictures. We've been doing well here in Mountain Home, we enjoy being so close to family after living in England. It's great to read how everyone is doing. Love ya! Michelle

Calista said...

Wow, that was a very full building that night :) It sounds like things are feeling a little more positive for you, and you guys have certainly been busy.

By the way, consider yourself tagged! Check my blog for details:)