Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday Family!

The first of our family has arrived for Christmas! We are excited to have Esther and Nathan here. They were great to take me shopping this afternoon. (I know, I shouldn't have been out so soon, but I had some last minute things I wanted to get.) They got me a wheelchair at the mall, curbside service, and a cart at Walmart. Who could ask for more?

It's always nice to have help with the dishes! Thank you Esther and Nathan.

Noah likes to pretend he's camera shy. I say he's just being contrary.
Well, not for long! The girls are determined he is going to get his picture taken. Thanks girls!

I thought I would include a couple floral arrangements I made for our home this year.

Both the floral arrangements are in sleighs. I used to have a room decorated just with sleighs. Now I don't have room so I am turning them into something else.

Last but not least.... our tree.

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Melinda said...

The arrangements are beautiful! And how wonderful to get out with your daughter. I hope they get to stay a while and really pamper you! Love you.