Friday, January 18, 2008


The top picture is during the dance. The bottom picture is the end of the dance. I was not able to move it to the end of the blog.

They danced to the song "Band Stand".

I made the poodle skirt yesterday.

We really enjoyed watching the performance. Abby has another one tomorrow. After the performance we went to Pita Pit for dinner. (Noah was staying with Caleb for the night so it was just the three of us.) When we walked in there was Jared and Amanda having a date night! We enjoyed visiting with them.

Our house is supposed to be done this week........ but we've heard that for over 9 months so we're not holding our breath.

Lots happening- but nothing to write home about; mostly meetings, dr. appointments, and appointments to get Noah's services.

Oh- he is now in a transition program to move him to another job. He can only stay at DI for 3 years and his time is almost up. He applied to AmeriTel to be the person who sets up the breakfast buffet. His job coach will go in an talk to them about him. DI will pay his wages during an internship so they can see if he is a good fit there. We'll let you know what happens.


The Holloways said...

WAY TO GO ABBY! You look cute--and great job mom on the skirt. Talented, as usual!

Melinda said...

Abby looks great! What a fun activity to get into...and she looks like she is enjoying it. The skirt is cute. I hope they really DO come and get something done, even if it's just more 'progress'. Good luck with Noah's internship.

Calista said...

It looks like Abby was having a great time, and you did a wonderful job on the skirt! I'll be sure to check back for updates on the construction progress and Noah's internship. I hope things continue to go well :)

Karen said...

Abby sure is doing great, and hooray for Noah! i hope he gets the new job.

Farrell Family said...

What cute pictures. I'm glad she enjoys ballroom. Good luck staying are probably really glad that you don't have to go to work/school right now.

Kathy said...

I wish I could come see one of Abby's performances! Way to go, Abby!