Thursday, February 14, 2008

A day with Anthony and Drew

Hey everyone, geuss what a new voice is being heard on the Hiatt's Happenings blog. You will now, at least for the durration of this blog be hearing from, you geussed it, Abby. Well while mom and Dad were gone Jared and Amanda came and Anthony and Drew came to stay with us. They thought it ould be fun to build a fort in my bedroom so I grabbed my camera and this was the end result:

Anthony was SOO excited about our fort that he dragged his suitcase downstairs and got in his pajamas and told me that it was time to sleep in the fort. However his plans were put to a halt because I had school the next morning so they couldn't sleep in my room.

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The Holloways said...

FINALLY, SOME POSTS!!! Keep it up Abby! We love them and it is exciting to hear fun news from home! I think you are a great sister/aunt--you always do the best things with the kids!! I hope you get to come out and visit. Jenna and Kaden (and ME) miss you!