Friday, May 23, 2008

Good times

My visit with Sarah's little family is almost over. I will miss them when I leave tomorrow. I have enjoyed being in their cute little home which has a wonderful spirit about it. Jon and Sarah are such good parents. It has been good to see them in "action" and I admire their parenting.

I'll be going to see Rachel's family while they are in SLC before they leave for home. I hear they have had a good visit with family while I have been away. Mike has enjoyed having them there. We miss having the kids close. It seems everyone is all spread out now and we miss them all very much.

It's amazing to me how my own family has grown over the past years. Time has a way of changing everything daily, even when we don't see it in the moment. I'm thankful for the time we had with our kids and the things we were able to do together.

I am getting used to being at home again- finally- It's been a real adjustment after working five years. I still am not sure why it was so important for me to get a degree, but I will have to trust the Lord on that one. I have had a hard time getting into the swing of things at home, which is strange since I stayed home for so long. It's nice not to be so busy.

I will try to keep up with the blogging. I feel like I don't have anything to say so it's hard to write. I live a very boring life. You all sound so busy all the time. I appreciate your comments and the love I feel from all of you. I am thankful to have such a wonderful extended family.


Calista said...

I'ms so glad to hear that you've enjoyed your visit to Sarah's house and that you've been able to take part in that first couple of weeks of life! And by all means keep blogging :) Even when it seems like there's not much to tell, I enjoy hearing the little things that go on, and it is a great way for staying connected (both us to you and you to everyone else :)

McD Fam said...

I love hearing from you!! I have missed you so much since moving away from home, and I'm always eager to hear what you've been up to.
Enjoy your visits!

Stephanie said...

I think we all probably feel like our lives are boring sometimes. But we each have such different experiences that what's boring or uneventful to us may seem really cool and unique to everyone else. I look forward to hearing from you more often!

Kathy & Dave Whittle said...

I was so glad to see you blogging again! I love to hear about even the smallest things. You are such a great example of a woman who has faith and trust in the Lord, even when things are really difficult. I love and admire you so much. (hugs)

Melinda said...

I was going to leave a big long comment, but read through everyone else's and got the wind taken out of my sail. They said it all! Yes, keep blogging. I'm glad you enjoyed visiting with Sarah. I miss you and love hearing about your day. You are such a strong, faithful woman and I look up to you. You're amazing!