Friday, June 20, 2008

Abby's Home!

Abby is home again! We are so glad. We picked her up and then went to Reed's Dairy for ice cream and to pick up some chocolate milk. MMMMM, yummy!

Today I have Anthony and Drew. They aren't doing play group today though. Kind of sad since we were looking forward to it. We were invited to go to the school for lunch with someone and we will do that.

We get the fireworks in today. We have been cleaning out the garage so we have room to put them. I want to park in there after the fireworks are over. I do NOT understand why other people have such clean garages and ours is always a mess. Drives me NUTS! I have taken two loads to DI and Dad has taken 2 loads to the dump. I put several things on Craig's list free but should have charged something because I have had over 50 responses on the feather bed topper alone.

After the fireworks stand we are going to Calif. to visit Sarah. We are very excited about the trip. I am looking forward to just getting in the car and going. Life is too busy here and the break will be welcomed! California here we come!


Rachel H. said...

Did you seriously give away the bed topper? Are you okay? Sick?

WHY, WHY, WHY would you give it away?!?! I am serious mom--people will PAY--especially when it is BRAND NEW.

Call me the next time you have the urge to give great stuff away. I will talk you down from the ledge and we will get a good price set so you can make some MONEY and not be GIVING everyone your great stuff!


Farrell Family said...

I know I would have paid you for the bed topper. Just please don't give away your extra printer. :) We really do want it and will pay you for it if the offer is still open. I know how you feel about the whole craigslist thing. I've gotten anxious to get rid of stuff and given it away when I could have sold it. Hindsight is so much better.
Good luck with the fireworks stand. We're excited to see you guys.

Annette said...

I know- I was a total fool.!!! I will NOT give away the printer except to you Sarah. I should have thought to ask if you wanted the bed topper. I could have stuffed it in the van and taken it down. Sorry- I will call you guys before I give anything else away.

Esther and Nathan Manwaring said...

I am so glad that you let Abby come. It was amazing. We had a good time and really got to talk. I loved it.

Yeah, next time you give stuff away at least try to get $5 out of it before you get rid of it. At least you will have something from it.