Saturday, June 14, 2008

Joining the Ranks

I feel somewhat as if I belong again! I have once again joined the ranks of the young mothers- even if it's only for one day a week. I joined the enrichment Play Group that meets on Fridays! I babysit Anthony and Drew on Friday and I thought that would be fun. I am the only grandma, and am twice as old as anyone else there, but I had a good time and the boys loved it.

Abby left for Washington DC Thursday. Mike is in Boise for the week and Noah is never home between developmental therapy and work, so I have become a widow for a few days. I didn't realize how much I looked forward to everyone coming home at some point in the day.

Noah usually goes to a friend's house on Friday night but last night she came to our house. She is 22 and has Down sybndrome. They had pizza and watched High School Musical. They had a good time. I could hear them laughing off and on and was glad they were there.

I don't need children around to make a mess, I can do it all by myself. I tried to water my plants and made a lot of mud. Four arge pots of it to be exact. I hope the plants survive. I don't know how to drain the water out of the mud. I poured off what I could, but I think the rest is up to nature. I am hoping for a few hot days to help dry them out.

I miss Abby but I am very glad she can be with Esther and have the experience of a lifetime.


Farrell Family said...

How lonely! I always look forward to nice quiet, alone time but then when I have it I can't wait to have others around again.
That's fun that you're going to the play groups. We had a couple grandmas bring grandkids at the playgroup me and Emma went to in Danville. So, you're not the only one. And I'm sure they love having you there.

Stephanie said...

It's great that you can spend that time with other mothers, even if they are all younger than you. Like Sarah said, I'm sure they enjoy you being there. :-)

Kathy & Dave Whittle said...

I'm glad you are part of this playgroup! You have so much to bring to the group, and I bet Anthony and Drew love it. I'm glad I'm not the only one who messes up with her plants!

Melinda said...

How great to be part of a group...especially one you can share with your grandkids! Hope you survived all the loneliness and everyone gets home safe!