Tuesday, February 10, 2009



If you have been looking for her on this blog, you probably haven't seen her...for a long time!

This is Rachel. I am hijacking this blog since the last post was SEPTEMBER 3--which is OVER 5 months ago.

Since my mom hasn't written anything, I decided I better make it known that she is alive and well, and has been visiting me in Cleveland for a week. She goes home tomorrow, and then is off to Sarah's house in March for another fun filled week. We have been able to do lots of sewing while she has been here (and dessert-eating...but she might plead the fifth on that one). It has been a really great time.

While she has been here, I took some pictures of her---am including one of my favorites on here. Oh, and she is on facebook now, so if you are a facebook member, look her up and add her as your friend! :) She actually DOES get on there and is learning the ropes. Pretty impressive. :)

Anyway, HOPEFULLY she will jump back on the blog bandwagon and show all her crafty projects, now that we have sparked the sewing bug in her again...

So, throw this long lost blogger some bits of love in the form of comments...welcome her back. Let's make this a group effort to get her online again!!


Nicia said...

Wahoo! First one to welcome you back. WELCOME BACK! Very cute picture too!

Rachel H. said...

Yes, mom. You are so cute! And I do love this picture!!! :)

Jake & Lisa Danes said...

Love the pic!

Melinda said...

Beautiful picture! Would absolutely LOVE to see you more on here...and my own mom as well. Can't wait to see more!