Wednesday, March 11, 2009

one great visit after another

We loved this little jumper and purse. They looked so cute on Emma. We downloaded the jumper pattern for free on the Burda Style web site. The apron above has polk-a-dots like the green one I showed in a previous blog. We made hot pads to match. The pajama pants  are made of flannel. The skirt on the right is a very nice suit material accented with black velvet ribbon above the flounce. We liked this skirt the best out of the three we made. 

These are the purses we made. For a tutorial on the red and pink ones and close up views see Sarah's blog.

The skirt on the left is an a-line skirt. The one on the left is like the gray skirt above with the flounce, only it is black with no accent ribbon. 

We were very busy during the week's visit and got lots done. We enjoyed a dinner out on Monday at a local Mexican restaurant. Then Sarah and I went for dessert and a long talk. Thank you Jon for staying with the kids and allowing us to have this time together. 

Now I am back to cold eastern Idaho. I have enjoyed my visits with two of my girls but it is time to check back into reality. Wouldn't it be nice if I got so much done in my own house?


Nicia said...

I can't belive you were able to get so much accomplished! Talk about SUPER MOM!!! They are all absolutely beautiful.

Kathy said...

Sorry - I was able to see everything afterall. Wow, I am so impressed!! Everything looks great! Wanna come visit me???? :)

Nathan and Esther Manwaring said...

I am so glad you are posting on your blog. That is great. You have been so busy. I really need you to come visit me. We would get so many fun things done. I would LOVE outfits for Hannah, an apron, and Nathan's quilt to be finished. Please consider coming. I am only a 4 hour drive. In 6 months I won't be that close and you will wish you had visited. =) Even though I know you will want to visit us in D.C. it is going to be a 400 dollar ticket. Not as easy as a quick drive.