Friday, December 11, 2009

Today is cleaning and mending day. I have put it off for so long. Well the mending part I have put off. Today it's on the agenda, but in order to avoid the task I DON'T want to do, my house has benefited. I have cleaned, picked up, wandered around, emailed and have written on my wall at facebook. I truly don't have that much mending to do, I just don't know why feel such an aversion to it.  What I reallly want to do it find the gifts I bought for the grandkids who live away, that I need to mail, make some Christmas candy, and do some shopping for a couple more gifts. 

I also need to make hotel arrangements for our trip to southern Calif. I'm trying to find cheap tickets with fast pass for disneyland. And don't forget Universal Studios theme park. It all feels overwhelming. 

On a very positive note I was very happy to read Rachel's newest post. I have a round trip ticket I am saving so I can go help her. I love the joys this season brings but this year it is extra special and feels more joyous.  I love you Rachel and hope you feel well soon.


Jake & Lisa Danes said...

Rachel is so lucky to have a mom that is willing and able to do that. After I have a baby is always the time that I wish I had a mother most. So special!

Rachel H. said...

Can't wait to have you come!!! LOVE YOU!!