Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This is new to me

This is my first time trying a blog. I'm hoping to be able to have my students use blogging for writing assignments.

Mike and I started back to school on Monday. We had an all day meeting at the high school for all the employees in the district. It was about using technology in the classroom.

Today and tommorow we have work days and then Thursday the students arrive. I'm a little hesitant.

The elementary school I work at will have about 1,100 students this year. The school was built for 549. Just the sheer numbers are overwhelming.

Abby will be a freshman this year. Noah has graduated and will be working at Deseret Industries and going to a developmental therapy program called Options. He has friends there and really enjoys it.

Abby starts school tommorow. She is excited about her classes and being on the ballroom team.

I'm going to keep this short in case it doesn't work.

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lisa18dawn said...

Annette - I was excited to have another comment on my blog!! And I've enjoyed reading yours as well (thank goodness for nap time!) So fun to see your family all grown up! Justin is also on the dance team, I will have to ask him about Abby!
Lisa from Roberts