Monday, September 3, 2007

Mike is a teenager again!

We are in Cleveland for the Labor Day weekend. Rachel called and got us $30 tickets from Salt Lake to Columbus on a Southwest Ding Special. We were so excited! Abby and Noah came with us. It's the first time we have ever taken a family vacation flying somewhere. (You just don't fly with 8 kids.)

When we got to the Columbus airport we went to the Dollar Rental Place where we had reserved a Ford Focus. We were exited because we got it for $87 for 4 days. When we got to the counter, there was a long line of people. It happened to be the first big game of the season for Ohio State and people decided to keep their car longer because the game wasn't out. Also, employees who should have worked, called in sick so they could go to the game. We were told we had a hour wait to get a car of any kind. They were going to give it to us for 1/2 the price we had been quoted so we were ok waiting.

All the people waiting just had to take the next car up when it was their turn. When it was our turn the lady said, "Is a 2007 Mustang Convertible ok? Mike was stunned. He's always loved Mustangs and couldn't believe he was going to get to drive one. We went out to get in the car and found it was candy apple red- his favorite color!

I have never seen a reaction like his in over 28 years of marriage. I have known him 29 years and never saw him smile so much. He has been in heaven! He is also driving like a teen. :-)

He took Jenna for a ride last night. She thought it was great fun!


Farrell Family online! said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. We're going to try to come visit soon!

Aaron, Melinda and Evelyn said...

I just realized today that you blog. Looks like Mike really enjoyed himself. We miss you and will really be happy with being able to 'see' you guys every so often!