Sunday, September 30, 2007

Church News

These are pictures of Mike and I taken at the Valentine's Dance in Feb.

This is the chaps and vest I made for Anthony when he was in the Lil' Buckaroos Rodeo.
I even embroidered his name on it. He was very excited that it had silver stars on it too. I even made the fringe myself.
I have some pictures on my camera that are more recent, but I haven't figured out how to get them off the camera and on to the computer. Where are my children when I need them?!
Mike and I went to a great concert Friday Night. We went to BYU-I and saw the Side Street Strutters. (Say that very fast 5 times!) They are the home band for Disneyland and have been for 21 years. They are excellent, very talented musicians! They were funny and had a great show.
Last night I went to the Women's broadcast. Our stake did a dinner before hand. It was enjoyable and they had a good turn out.

Today they changed our ward boundaries! We have been struggling with diminishing numbers for quite some time. Noah was the only young man and he is now in Elder's Quorum. There will be over a hundred people added to our ward. For those of you who know our area, we now include all of Meppen. When the stake president talked about it in our sacrament meeting, he said our stake has 4,600 members now. They changed the boundaries of 6 wards. I thought it was interesting that they created a branch also. The whole branch consists of the Mobile Home Estates trailer park. They said there are lots of prospective elders in that area. I guess they are going to activate them.

Due to all the stress in my life, and my recent "emotional breakdown" I have been off work for the past 3 weeks. I think I will try to go back this week. I am somewhat nervous about it, but I need to try. I will probably just go half days for a while. If I was rich I wouldn't go back at all. Unfortunately, I need the insurance and I need the money to pay doctor bills.

I am looking forward to visiting in Utah this week. We don't have school Thursday or Fridy so I am going to visit my Utah family. I can hardly wait to see Emma, Jon and Sarah. I have not seen them since May 5th. I'm sure Emma has really grown.
I got a new laptop that has a built in Web Cam. Jon is going to show me how to use it when I go to Utah. I can hardly wait! Then I will be able to talk to my grandchildren and see them and they can see us. I miss them all very much.
Abby did her first Ballroom performance for the homecoming assembly. She rode in the ballroom float in the homecoming parade.
We recently passed the inspection for our home for being a certified family home. THankyou Jon, Sarah, Nathan and Esther for helping to get things in shape. It's a big relief to have that over for another year. I hope next year is a better year and I can keep up better.
I'll try to remember to post if anything interesting happens.

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Nathan said...

Going up to Idaho that weekend to help out was one of the best weekends we have ever had. We had mostly come up to see you and were looking forward to that so I am sorry that you missed it. We love you.

Nathan and Esther