Saturday, December 29, 2007

Can you find the chair? How about the picnic table?
No, we did NOT dig a hole and bury the trampoline. However, we may not have to if we don't get the snow off it and take it down. The unrecognizable lumo on the right is the wood pile.
Good thing we stacked a bunch of wood in the storage room in the basement where it is dry.

Did you notice our as yet unfinished deck? Stop laughing....... it's only been 9 (yes NINE) months. :-(
The snow plow just came. We have been almost unable to get out of the driveway and even if we did, people with 4 X 4 trucks are having a difficult time getting down the street because there is so much snow. The snow plow is music to our ears.!

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Ken said...

Wow, I wish we had some of your snow. We were supposed to get a few inches today, but nothing happened. The snow still on the ground from the last time is starting to look pretty shabby. Please post some pics of the front of the house when you can. I want to see the new porch and walkway (if it's done :).