Friday, December 28, 2007

Esther's Birthday

Chris LOVES lights. We gave him
Two flashlights and one lantern for
Christmas! He was so good to share
with Jacob.

Chris and The famous Radio Flyer Rocket-
Santa delivers to Ohio AND Idaho!
(Via the sale at
Note the lantern in the background. :-)
(The rocket stays at Grandma's
house though. )

Esther's birthday- we got together at the
Manwarings house to have a celebration.
We had great food, great conversation,
great company, and an all around great time!
Thank you Manwarings for having it at your home.

The best gift of all! A step stool so Esther can
  • reach the cabinets in their apartment

  • kiss Nathan without standing on tiptoe

  • sit on for time out

  • and it opens to put things in!

  • Good for a laugh

It was fun to get together with Nathan's family. We really enjoy them.
My bargain of the week was buying sheets at Macy's that were originally $165, but through various clearances, and coupons, I got them for $20.49! I had to go home and sleep afterward. I don't know if it was the stress of shopping or the excitement over getting such a gread deal! Actually, I had only stopped there on my way home from the doctor and all I did was look at the sheets and I was 'plum tuckered out'.


Calista said...

Looks like you guys had a really good Christmas, even though you were missing some essential members of your family...I know Mom was wasn't thrilled to see all of us moving farther away from her, even though she wishes us success. I started crying, too, when you mentioned your line of kids getting shorter every year. Kellen is already 9 and, not only am I not sure where the time went, but the distance from here to him being out on his own suddenly seems incredibly short...

Karen said...

Great deal on the sheets! It has been hard for our family to be so spread out, but I sure enjoyed talking to all of them on Christmas. I know how you feel.