Monday, January 7, 2008

29th Anniversary

Sunday we celebrated our 29th anniversary. Thanks to Rachel and Brandon, who gave us their free room at the Americinn, we got to go to a theme suite Sunday night. We stayed in the Emerald Lagoon suite. It was wonderful. I tried to add a picture, but it doesn't do it justice at all.

The jacuzzi was round and was filled from a stream that came down from the ceiling. When it was filled and the jets turned on, a waterfall fell the whole time. It also had a round bed. The whole thing looked like we were in a rain forest. Thank you Brandon and Rachel for a truly wonderful evening.
Tomorrow I will post pictures of our home. They have done quite a bit more work. I would have postd them today but I lost my memory card and had to buy a new one.
Yesterday I tried to paint my nails and did a terrible job. I thought I had been very careful about putting all the lids back on. When I went to put it all away today, the lids of three bottles had not been screwed on all the way. I picked up the bottle of clear top coat and the lid came off and it spilled, which knocked over the bottle of clear base coat, which also spilled, and that knocked over the bottle of DEEP BURGANDY, which spilled all over the "white" living room carpet, and the material I bought to make Jenna a new alpahbet dress. (For those of you who read about her M dress). , I was going to replace it. AAHHH!!!!. (Kaden must take after me!)
I was afraid to try to clean the carpet myself. I knew I would just smear it. I called the company who did our restoration from the last two floods we had. They actually came right away and got most of it out. You have to really look to see where it was. They are coming back to clean the whole living room carpet and said they would finish getting the rest out when they cleaned the carpet. WHEW! I was SO HAPPY! Thankfully the clear ones only spilled on some paper.
I was relieved to see that it only spilled on a corner of the fabric I bought for Jenna. I would take pictures but now that I have a new memory card, I can't find the camera! I willl have to find it tonight so I can post pictures tomorrow.


Calista said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad that the workers came to get stuff done and will definitely check back to see pictures! It's such a relief that the restoration company was able to get most of the nail polish out of the carpet. Knowing me, I would have tried to do it myself and would have botched the whole thing :)

Melinda said...

Happy Anniversary from us too. It's nice that you really got to 'get away'. I want to see Jenna's dress when it's all done. Love you!