Thursday, January 24, 2008

Photo challenge and Tortellini Soup

Okay- I don't know why I am taking pictures of food, except that Rachel makes it all look so good! Actually, I decided to accept her photo challenge- even if I only have a cheap digital camera. This is Tortellini Soup. The recipe came out of the diabetic cook book. It's pretty good.

Just to clarify about work- I have taken the rest of the year off as medical leave. I am not expected to go back this year. I do have to tell them in March what I am going to do next school year. I actually don't really miss work. I just wonder if I am "hiding my talents under a bushel". I honestly don't know how I worked and did all the things I am doing, because I did them all before even though I worked. (Probably why I went crazy!)
I am so thankful for my loving family and all your support, comments, thoughts, prayers and love. I don't know what I would do without all of you. Thank you so much for the encouragement and love I feel as I read the things you write. I appreciate the time you take and all of you being who you are.


Calista said...

Your tortellini soup looks really good, and appears to be so much less work than what I'm supposed to make for dinner tonight... If I manage to get it done, I'll take pictures so that I can post them on my recipe blog if Steve and I decide we like it that well.

thebaskers said...

The soup and the bread are beautiful. I think it's great that you're taking time off and spending time with your family, relax as much as possible (as much as your busy, get-things-done personality will let you ;)

Melinda said...

I miss your homemade bread!!! And you made it look so yummy in that picture. Your soup looks great too.