Monday, February 18, 2008

South African Visitor

We have a young man staying with us from South Africa. I thought he would be black, but he's not. He just got here two days ago. He is marrying a gir in our ward. They met on a sign language mission in Florida. They had no interest in each other while they were out, but they started e-mailing when she got home. She went to South Africa for two months because they had to have many pictures together to prove they were a couple in love before the embassy would grant a visa for him. It was a very interesting story and he is a lot of fun. We have enjoyed him.

That's our big news here. We helped with the ward dinner/dance Friday night. I supplied all the decorations from all the wedding stuff I had, and spent most of the day decorating. I cooked rice pilaf for it and made dessert. By the time the dance came I was so tired I didn't want to go, but Mike and I were taking dance pictures there and I had to be there. Everyone was pleased with it and it turned out very nice.

That's about it. Not much other newsworthy items. Love you all!


The Holloways said...

We have a friend from South Africa who is white as well--glad you get to enjoy a fun visitor!@

Farrell Family said...

It's funny how we get ideas in our head about how some things all people from Africa being black. I learned my lesson at BYU and found out that most South Africans are white. I hope the dance went well and that you were able to have fun.

Karen said...

There you go, working too hard all day and wearing yourself out! Hope you were able to enjoy the dance a little bit.

Calista said...

I always enjoy meeting people from other places. It's too bad you were already tired before the dance, but I hope you were able to enjoy it a little :)