Friday, June 6, 2008

The good stuff

Yard sale finds- tote bags for Abby, outfits for Emma for when we see her next month.

The Arbor with the gazebo and deck in the background. Note the lilac bushes at the sides.
We planted tiny lilacs about 4 years ago. They are growing nicely!
LaNita M. if you are looking at this, these are the improvements we made this year to the firepit you and I made. Isn't it great! I have a place for cooking in my dutch ovens now.

After showing the dead part of the yard, I thought I should show the good "stuff". We have worked a little each year on something to make an improvement in the yard. The grass grows way too fast though! There are three lilacs on either side of the arbor. They will fill in and make the firepit a separate place. I will have benches around the fire pit. The garden and apple trees are behind the firepit- you just can't see it.

I went to yard sales today with a friend. I got two CUTE tote bags for Abby, a toy to add to my collection for the grandkids, and some outfits for Emma when we go see them in July. (If Sarah likes them.) It's always risky shopping for someone else.
Abby and I went shopping after she cleaned for the Fulmers and got cute little Ben and Jerry's ice cream cups. Mine was fudge brownie. I need to stop eating like this.


Calista said...

Ha ha! I got a call from my mom yesterday afternoon because she'd stopped at a yard sale and was looking for things for Madison :) That's funny. I like your arbor, and I am so jealous of your bbq pit. I would love to have somewhere to actually use our dutch oven!

Farrell Family said...

The clothes are cute. Thank you!
The backyard looks great. I can't believe how green it all looks. Enjoy the barbecue pit!

Stephanie said...

Those bags ARE cute! I love yard sales. Your yard looks beautiful. I think it's great that you try to improve it consistently, that's a great goal.

Rachel H. said...

Your yard does look great! LOVE IT! Seeing it in person was even better!

Sounds like you got some great garage sale finds! HOORAY!!! Love saving money like that, AND finding cute stuff

McD Fam said...

WOW!!! I remember putting all that stuff in, and imagining how it would look someday, and I think you've only made it better! Hard to believe all that hard work we did together was only four years ago, seems like a life time...

Melinda said...

The yard all looks so great! It looks so different to me and I just saw it a year ago! I love Abby's totes and your other yard sale finds.

I'm also glad you got to indulge a little in that fudge brownie cup!